Books, Articles & Interviews


‘Better Behaviour – a guide for teachers’ – published by SAGE in May 2018

‘Don’t Send Him in Tomorrow’ – published by Independent Thinking Press

Chapter 38: Destiny ‘Working Class, Not Second Class’ in The Working Class – published by Independent Thinking Press

Chapter on SEN with Professor Maggie Snowling in What Does This Look Like in the Classroom: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Classroom Practice published by John Catt Educational

Chapter ‘What’s in your schema for SEN?’ in Learning Without Labels – published by John Catt Educational


‘All-or-nothing threats won’t reward us with lasting change’ 13 April 2018

‘Every child deserves the chance to aim for the stars’ 23 March 2018

‘Loss aversion may not lead to net gains in behaviour’ 23 March 2018

‘Anarchy rules if pupils don’t have a sense of belonging’ 9 March 2018

‘For long-term success, let everyone see the evidence’ 23 February 2018

”Setting an example’ can set yourself up as the sucker’ 9 February 2018

‘Have confidence in the power of confidence’ 26 January 2018

‘Behaviour reports must do more than shame students’ 19 January 2018

‘Teachers and students must master the art of apologising’ 22 December 2017

‘Utilise teaching assistants with a show of support’ 8 December 2017

‘The ‘double whammy’ gives children the wrong message’ 24 November 2017

‘Sometimes doing nothing is the way to control behaviour’ 10 November 2017

‘When facing a behavioural hot potato, it pays to stay cool’ 27 October 2017

‘Reward systems make losers out of teachers and students’ 6 October 2017

‘The dangers of sweating the small stuff in the classroom’ 22 September 2017

‘Making things fun will not solve behaviour issues’ 8 September 2017

‘We shouldn’t define children with SEND by their diagnoses, but we must be informed by them’ 13 July 2017

‘Five tenets of good leadership’ 21 April 2017

‘Parents of children with SEND are too often ignored or labelled “pushy”‘  28 February 2017                                                                                 

‘It pays to watch what you say’ 16 December 2016 

‘Four reasons why SEND funding is in crisis’ 15 December 2016

Aspiring Leaders – ‘Don’t act as if you own the place’ 25 November 2016

‘Seven reasons the Ofsted ‘outstanding’ grade must be scrapped’ 7 October 2016

‘When is the right time to move on?’ 23 September 2016 

‘Avoiding the fortune teller error’ 9 September 2016

New Teacher – ‘Your new best friends’ 9 September 2016

‘Anthony got two Fs in his GCSEs: that may not seem earth-shattering to you, but to him – and to me – that represents a triumph’ 25 August 2016

‘Behaviour policies with cast-iron sanctions are seductive – that doesn’t mean they are effective’ 2 August 2016

‘What your reception area says about your leadership’ 24 June 2016

White Paper: ‘How SEND is the Achilles’ heel of mass academisation’ 17 March 2016

Ed Biz- Go compare: ‘Financial benchmarking can help to identify issues with school expenditure and reduce overspending’ 11 March 2016

‘Why a flashy suit does not make you a good Headteacher’ 26 February 2016

‘The cane for ‘being a nuisance’ – how far have we really come since the dark days of corporal punishment?’ 6 February 2016

Your First Job: ‘The Forgotten Sector’ 22 January 2016

‘A Long Way to Go’ (cover feature) 4 December 2015

Aspiring Headteachers: Do your homework before you hear the words ‘You’re hired’ 6 November 2015

‘Make sure that every pupil knows you care’ 16 October 2015

‘Turning governors in to critical friends’ 9 October 2015

‘Emotional investment will pay dividends’ 27 August 2015

Headteacher summer workload interview, 10th July 2015

‘Under Inspection’ 26th June 2015

‘Parents and Transition’ 19th June 2015

Leadership – ‘Why special schools need special heads’ 5th June 2015

‘The Seven Deadly Sins of Teaching’ 22 May 2015

‘Under Inspection’ 1 May 2015

‘How state and private schools can work together’ 3 December 2014

TES Further Education Podcast, 25 April 2014


The Guardian, 27 October 2016, Why are so many SEN pupils excluded from school? Because we are failing them

The Guardian, 6 October 2015 – It is shameful we haven’t enough people in the UK to educate our kids

Teach Primary, November 2016 – ‘Why you should visit a special school’

SENCo, Volume 3, Issue 2 – ‘Why are we excluding so many children with SEND?’

SENCo, Volume 3, Issue 1 – ‘Beware the Fortune-Teller Error’

SENCo, Volume 2, Issue 1 – ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’

SENCo, Volume 1, Issue 1 – ‘Forced to Fit’              

‘Vectoring assets to kinetic situations’ – Independent Thinking, 23 October 2016

‘If your knees aren’t dirty you haven’t been working hard enough’ – Independent Thinking, 5 October 2016

‘What’s in your schema for SEN?’ – National Education Trust, 1st September 2016

How real is your school vision? – Leadership Matters, 5 July 2016

‘It’s My Way or the Highway’ – Independent Thinking, 26 April 2016

The Times They Are a-Changin’ – Leadership Matters, 7 April 2016

Well-being: A Special School Perspective – Appendix to A Practical Guide: National Standards of Excellence for Headteachers by Roy Blatchford

Parental engagement: ‘I don’t know where you are’

Herd Immunity

Well-being: A Special School Perspective


Sky News, 9 November 2015 – Academies ‘Illegally Excluding’ Vulnerable Pupils

BBC News, 6 October 2017 – School discipline: How strict is too strict?

Special Leadership – Pivotal Podcast with Paul Dix and Kevin Mulryne

Education Britain Conversations with Ty Goddard, 1 March 2017

Talking Heads interview, 29 December 2016

Schools Week, 16 October 2015 – Ofsted SEN area reviews should focus on exclusions

Schools Week, 18 September 2015 – Eye tests in special schools are a must, says sight loss charity

Schools Week, 27 March 2015 – Special needs reforms: laudable or laughable? (interview)

Interview on The SEND Show, Surrey Hills Radio, 16 November 2016